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Iran elections and Twitter

June 24, 2009 _ 14:05 / Digital Nation Team / comments (0)

The recent events in Iran are on everyone's minds right now. Gail Dawson of Mt. Pleasant sent this response to Stories from Your Digital Nation:

  • photo from Tehran protestsI, as everyone else, love connecting to my friends and family on the Internet. I am sure you will find many stories like that, but what I really love is not only being able to connect with loved ones, but being able to connect with people in power. For example, this evening I read on Twitter that the WSJ wrote that Siemens Corp. and Nokia were aiding the government of Iran in tracking down the innocent protesters. I immediately decided to write to both corporations and complain and expose the fact that what they are doing is evil. I don't know if that will have any impact on them, but if everyone did that, I believe it would.

    In addition, I was extremely annoyed at a story on "Hardball with Chris Matthews" in which Chuck Todd the White House reporter was congratulating himself on asking the President such a wonderful question today. I wrote to the program and reminded them that in the Bush years there were no heroes among the press who allowed all of the scandals and incompetencies go on without asking challenging questions in the Bush White House.

    One other thing, I am so glad that the people of Iran have Twitter to report to so that we can have daily and up to the minute reports from there, and can reply back with suggestions of help in their terrible struggle against the cruel Ayatolla there.

    Gail Z. Dawson

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