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Live Forum on Education this morning

June 23, 2009 _ 10:20 / Digital Nation Team / comments (2)

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ep1.jpgJoin us Wednesday morning (June 24th) at 11 am EDT to discuss how the digital revolution is -- and isn't -- changing our schools and how we learn.

Guests include Mark Bauerlein, author of The Dumbest Generation and a professor at Emory University; Marc Prensky, author of Don't Bother Me Mom -- I'm Learning and a leading proponent of video games as educational tools; journalist Todd Oppenheimer, who has followed technology's role in education for many years and compiled the findings in his book The Flickering Mind, which was a finalist for an investigative book award; and Debra Socia, principal of the Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School, a public school in Boston, MA.

The panel will discuss the pros and cons of technology in the classroom, what skills we should be teaching our newest generation of students, and the changing face of education in the digital age.

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Ever since I first began playing video games as a child, Ive been enthralled with the genre of adventure games like Myst. Here in America very few people make, or play, these games any longer. However there is still a sizable volume of titles that stream out of Europe and Asia. These adventure games often require patience and logic solving. So my question is this. Do these types of games promote a tendency towards problem solving and patience in real life situations and as a follow up, why do Americans seem to be so opposed to this genre?

maxwell judd / June 24, 2009 _ 07:12

Hi People
How are you doing?

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