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Douglas Rushkoff on cybersecurity

June 02, 2009 _ 12:16 / Digital Nation Team / comments (0)

rushkoffbiosm.jpgLast week, we wrote about President Obama's plan to appoint a new cybersecurity czar. The topic also came up in our live discussion with Lt. Gen. Robert Elder, who led the development of the cyberspace mission for the Air Force. The White House released its cybersecurity plan on Friday, and our correspondent Douglas Rushkoff reacted in The Daily Beast:

Unless something changes radically, Elder told me, the United States will be surpassed in cyberskills within a single generation. The best of our kids design videogames; the Indians, Chinese, and Russians' kids write the code on which those games run. Our competitiveness in war, as well as in the high-tech market, is already being propped up by outsourcing contracts only as durable as the bank loans they're being funded with.

Read the entire piece at The Daily Beast.



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