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Do You Still Read Books?

August 27, 2009 _ 13:12 / Digital Nation Team / comments (1)

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It depends on how you define "book." I define a book not in the physical form of the pages but as a large collection of words that contain a story or a nonfiction information source. Therefore, I believe that people that use E-readers still read books, but not in the form of pages. I don't think that people who love pages are ever going to go away.

Anonymous / Nov 29

I read all the time. i dont understand how people can read a whole book on a computer. you dont get the sound of turning pages, the smell of an old book, and plus, its just cozy to sit and read curled up in bed until 2:00 in the morning. also, i like things that dont have light coming out of them. i prefer a dim light.

Anonymous / Nov 26

I teach composition, so you would think reading was natural to the English teacher, but actually, few of my colleagues read outside of what they have to for their classes. Now I have always loved to read and I am a voracious reader. I read newspapers, romances, mysteries--lots of stuff. I will read until I can't. Don't want a Kindle or Nook because I like the feel of books in my hand and I like to have them on my bookshelves to pick up again and again (if only to re-read a favorite part).

Anonymous / Nov 15

yes and I still buy and own books as well as use computer technology, i prefer to not say that "this is better than that" I enjoy reading as much as visual media and use and keep both.

Anonymous / Nov 12

Yes, I still read books but am currently stymied by my foray into the chaos of dedicated electronic book readers. I have two of the things and both are so unsatisfactory they make me want to scream. At the same time, I realize that paper publishing is on its way out. I feel caught in a no-man's-land and it's so frustrating that the joy of reading has virtually vanished for me. At this point, I am licking my wounds and appreciating paper books more than ever in my 69 years, roughly 63 of them literate. I will not live long enough to see the outcome, but I certainly hope electronic reading can be improved, and fast. The biggest obstacle: corporate greed, resulting in incompatible standards, along with our obscenely restrictive DMCA.

Anonymous / Nov 11

Yes. It's the smell and the texture and something about the turning of the page that keeps things closer to the author, and I would rather go blind from bad lighting whilst reading at night than by radiation from a screen.

Anonymous / Nov 8

Seem to start fewer books every year, but much more non- fiction online. My failing eyes seem to prefer the screen.

Anonymous / Oct 30

I still read books. It's a cozy way to end my day - my book, my nightlight, and me.

Anonymous / Oct 29

I've switched to e-books -- they're easier to control, a handful of DVDs is a full library. They're easier to choose a readable typefont and size. I read more now than I ever did, but it's all via the computer.

Anonymous / Oct 24

Yes I love to read books!

Anonymous / Sep 20

Yes I read Books. I love Books. I still read Books once in a while. I love the internet and the internet opened up a whole new world for us to live in, its not all that scary the internet. but you need to know the risks and how to be safe. The internet is very useful. the internet has its good parts and not so good parts but still its fun to use the internet. its not that bad.

Anonymous / Sep 20

Yep, all the time, though I do find myself online reading articles and short stories. However, I don't think I'll ever give up reading books ever. Something soothing and satisfying about flipping pages and running my finger over words. Technology may fail eventually and the book/ink-written word doesn't need electricity or batteries to work.

Anonymous / Sep 14

Love to read books and still do every day. But I really love the internet too and someday hope to own an e-reader because I am out of shelf space!!

Anonymous / Sep 9

Dang right! I read them in print all the time, but now I also read them with my iPod Touch using the Kindle app, and also as PDFs downloaded from the 'net. The word 'book' now means a digital book in all its iterations, not just ink on paper.

Anonymous / Aug 27

I'm a rabid technophile, I'm online literally all the time, and I still read--mostly novels--voraciously. I haven't yet switched to an e-reader, though. High price tag aside, I love the feel of turning the actual paper pages.

Anonymous / Aug 24


I find books online and then order them through the library website... almost never buy them

Jason / October 31, 2009 _ 10:27


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