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Is Life More Exciting Online?

August 27, 2009 _ 17:58 / Digital Nation Team / comments (0)

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No, life is not more exciting online. Live is exciting when you live each moment in touch with your friends or relationships, and share things together (fun, sad, etc.). Then you have a lot the anecdotes to remember. Life online is superficial, you really don't know the people who is talking to you.

Anonymous / Nov 16

If anyone answers yes to this they can't have done too much offline.

Anonymous / Nov 8

yea it is like someone told me its the path of least resistance. You can get yourself known make blogs and be a better cyber version of yourself online.

Anonymous / Sep 25

Life is more Exciting online for me because I love going on fan sites and having fun and talk to my friends on Msn Messenger. I couldn't live without the internet.

Anonymous / Sep 20

No, life is much less exciting online. But some of the harms of modern life are less apparent -- we're more removed from them. The degradation of our neighborhoods and of the natural world, the loss of civility in our communities, the loss of our communities, the loss of choice and of our democracy -- all this seems more manageable and less tragic. No. Life is not more exciting online. It just seems less sad.

Anonymous / Sep 15



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