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From Chris Wiken


Chris Wiken February 9, 2010 22:37
Chris WikenFormer pilot for Colgan Air

I am honored to be a part of this documentary. It was a pleasure being a part of it and working with Mr. O'Brien, Mr. Young, Ms. Rentz and the rest of the crew. Now having seen the entire documentary, I am even more satisfied for having participated. They have given us a comprehensive look at all the issues involved, albeit some briefly. I truly believe hours of airtime could be spent on a story like this one and not cover it fully. To do what has been done here in only an hour broadcast is truly commendable. Much more could be said about regulations, fatigue and traning issues. I am happy to see that transcripts of the full interviews are available online along with further investigative material. Thanks to all of you for putting this together. Thank you to the underwriters for making it happen. Thank you to all of you that have watched. I truly hope that positive change comes from what was broadcast here today.

posted february 9, 2010

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