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From Loretta Alkalay


Loretta Alkalay February 14, 2010 8:38
Loretta Alkalayformer FAA regional counsel

A number of commenters have posted their frustrations with reporting violations to the FAA. I obviously can't comment on these specific situations but I can offer some general advice on how to report violations to the FAA.

In order for the FAA to pursue a complaint of a violation, it needs evidence that demonstrates that a violation may have occurred and that the violation warrants enforcement action. The more clearly an alleged violation is presented and documented, the easier it is for the FAA to decide that the allegation merits investigation.

My suggestion from years at the FAA, is that serious safety violations reported by the public are most likely to be investigated by the Agency if they are: (1) clearly articulated in writing and signed by the individual with contact information; (2) detailed as to date, time, flight number, etc and (3) contain corroborating documentation, such as aircraft logs, load manifests, flight and duty time records, training records, names and contact info for witnesses, etc, as applicable.

posted february 9, 2010

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