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Log onto FRONTLINE's "The Gulf War" web site and explore:

  • "War Stories" Gripping accounts of war which couldn't fit into the broadcast series. Read interviews--as well as hear their voices--of what happened to British and American pilots shot down and tortured: Green Berets rescued behind Iraqi front lines or the remarkable female Army Major who survived capture and molestation.
  • "Oral History" From interviews with Generals Colin Powell and Norman Schwarzkopf, to the Allied Coalition's air, ground, and Marine commanders, to Hussein's senior military intelligence officer--examine the Gulf War through the eyes and in th e words of those who instigated the events and played major roles on the battleground.
  • "Technology" Stealth F117s...M-1A1 Abrams tanks...Patriot missiles...Global Positioning System...Apache Helicopters...Scud missiles...JSTARS...View them. Learn how they were used in the war and how well they performed.

FRONTLINE's "The Gulf War" web site features program transcripts, pictures, maps, and numerous interactive World Wide Web hyperlinks, taking students to a special BBC Radio series, the Department of Defense Gulf War web site, and web sites offering resear ch on Gulf War Syndrome.

Gulf War Web Site


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