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From the Executive Producer
David Fanning

photo of David Fanning For six months between 1990 and 1991, the standoff in the Persian Gulf dominated the world stage. The six weeks of battle marked the first time television audiences watched a war as it was being waged. Familiar images of antiaircraft fire lighting up Baghdad's nighttime sky have yet to fade from memory.

Now, five years later, FRONTLINEs gives an authoritative account of the events of the war from those who planned it and those who fought its battles in "The Gulf War," airing Tuesday and Wednesday, January 9 and 10, on PBS.

For "The Gulf War," FRONTLINE has developed an exciting, interactive on-line supplement at its World Wide Web site. These resource pages are designed to let you and your students navigate through more interesting material, stories, and background about the Gulf War through on-line technology.

We were unprepared for the extraordinary response to our first supplements--"Waco--The Inside Story" and "High Stakes in Cyberspace." After literally hundreds of thousands of "hits" from interested viewers in the first weeks, we're still getting responses and continuing dialogue about our programs.

We entered this new world of publishing because our documentaries, often as long as a year in the making, generate large amounts of corollary research. Fascinating interviews are reduced by the demands of editing and the restraints of program length. We now have an opportunity to share those materials and suggest additional resources at other sites across the Internet.

We'd also like your help. Please tell us how this educator's guide works for you. Let us know what you and your students find useful, and perhaps together you can find us at and join the conversation about FRONTLINE and the programs we're proud to bring you every week.


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