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In January 2008, FRONTLINE visited a generation of children growing up online and on meds

What's driving an increase in prescriptions of anti-psychotic meds? And what will be the long-term effect?

the medicated child
growing up online

A closer look at the Internet's impact on adolescence through the eyes of teens and their parents.

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Growing Up Online
A closer look at the Internet's impact on adolescence through the eyes of teens and their parents.
The Persuaders
An inside look at the multibillion-dollar business and science of selling us what we want.
The Merchants of Cool
A look at how America's giant media corporations skillfully court the teenage consumer.
When Kids Get Life
When a child is convicted of murder, how unforgiving should society be?
Country Boys
For everyone who remembers what it was like to be young, the story of two Appalachian teenagers becoming men...
Juvenile Justice
Four kids, four crimes. Two were sent to adult court, two treated as juveniles. Read their stories. How would you decide?
The Killer at Thurston High
What led a 15-year Oregon boy to kill his parents and two classmates, and shoot and injure 25 others?
The Lost Children of Rockdale County
FRONTLINE investigates a syphilis outbreak in an affluent suburban community and uncovers the secret lives of its troubled young teenagers.
The Medicated Child
Six million American children are taking psychiatric drugs, but most have never been tested on children. Is this good medicine -- or an uncontrolled experiment?
Inside the Teenage Brain
What's behind teens' seemingly inexplicable behavior? Surprising answers from new scientific studies.
Medicating Kids
What explains the surge in behavior-modifying drugs for children? How safe -- and necessary -- are they?
Growing Up Online
A closer look at the Internet's impact on adolescence through the eyes of teens and their parents.
A Class Divided
One of the most requested programs in FRONTLINE's history -- the story of a teacher's daring lesson in discrimination.
Public Schools, Inc.
Chris Whittle, one of America's most ambitious entrepreneurs, set out to make a difference in public education. He also set out to make money. Can his Edison Schools do both?
Testing Our Schools
President Bush promises to leave no child behind. But where will his faith in tests leave education?
The Battle Over School Choice
The debate over what's needed to improve America's public schools
Secrets of the SAT
Why the national obsession with the SAT test? And how fair, reliable and democratic is it?
Hand of God
A moving, and frankly told story of betrayal, and a family who survived it all with their humanity and humor intact.
Failure to Protect
When should a parent lose the right to raise a child? FRONTLINE goes behind the scenes of one state's child welfare system.
Did Daddy Do It?
Nearly 20 years later, FRONTLINE investigates new evidence that calls into question a seemingly ironclad case against a convicted child molester.
The Child Terror
FRONTLINE examines child sexual abuse and how, during the 1980s, mounting fears of child sexual abuse in day care centers led to a new prosecutorial crusade against child molesters in South Florida.
Innocence Lost
FRONTLINE examines the history and outcome of one of the largest and most controversial child sexual molestation cases -- the Little Rascals Day Care center in Edenton, North Carolina.

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Country Boys: An Adult Matters

The impact a caring adult can have on a teen's life.

Secrets of the SAT: Who Was Good Enough?

Here's your chance to judge applications for admission to the University of California, Berkeley.

Juvenile Justice: What Works?

An overview of what juvenile justice professionals have seen works in rehabilitating troubled, violent teens.


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