I'm Dave Iverson, and I’ve been a television and radio producer for over 30 years. Two years ago, along with fellow producer/director Michael Schwarz and his colleagues at Kikim Media, I took on a very personal project, a film about Parkinson’s disease.

I first learned about Parkinson’s in the fall of 1971. That was when I got a letter from my mom telling me that my father had been diagnosed with the disease. Twenty years later, my brother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. And in the summer of 2002, I began experiencing familiar symptoms; it would be two years before my diagnosis became official, but I knew what the likely outcome would be.

So for me, Parkinson’s is a personal story, but the disease is much more than a family saga. It’s the second most common neurological disorder there is, and it raises intriguing questions for science and our aging society. Our film, My Father, My Brother, and Me, explores all of these angles.

The program will be broadcast on FRONTLINE February 3, 2009 and available to watch online beginning January 29. But in the meantime, this site is our home base. We’ll be posting excerpts from the film, sharing stories, and answering your questions on our blog. I hope you’ll join our conversation.

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