Fred Cuny first visited Guatemala in 1973, sponsored by Carnegie-Mellon University and the University of Texas He worked as a consultant on a project to design very low-cost emergency shelters.

In 1976-77 Cuny was in Guatemala following the devastating earthquake. He was sponsored by OXFAM/World Neighbors/Save the Children and acted as housing program advisor for a post-earthquake reconstruction program.

Fred Cuny's 'Housing Pictographs.'

Here one small example of Cuny's ingenuity in relief and reconstruction work. Cuny had these pictures designed and placed on flour sacks so they could be used to teach Guatemalan peasants in villages around the country how to rebuild their homes and make them more earthquake resistant

"After The Earthquake: Rebuilding Guatemala in the native spirit," by Gerry Nadel

Following the 1976 Guatemalan earthquake which killed over 25,000 people, writer Gerry Nadel arrived to report on relief operations. He soon encountered a 31-year old Texan named Fred Cuny whose unique approach to disaster reconstruction became a focus of Nadel's reporting. This excerpt is from Nadel's full article which was published in East West Journal , June1976.