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Analyses of Yeltsin's achievements, failures, and place in history

from FRONTLINE's interviews with Russians, Russian observers and U.S. policymakers: Jonas Bernstein, Lilia Shevtsova, Pavel Voschanov, Strobe Talbott, Thomas Graham, Boris Fyodorov, Wayne Merry.

In Search of a Historic Yeltsin

In this epilogue from his biography, Yeltsin: A Revolutionary Life, Leon Aron outlines the duality and contradictions of Boris Yeltsin which make it difficult to arrive at a coherent and final judgment on him. In the end, however, Aron maintains that Yeltsin was the instrument of a great transformation of post-Cold War Russia: "...at almost every critical juncture, despite the mistakes that preceded the decision, he moved in the direction of greater political liberty over authoritarian constraints; market over state control...society over state; and integration into the world, peace and accommodation over autarky, militarism and revanchism."

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