Test Preparation Tuition Assistance Programs & SAT Registration Fee Waivers

The College Board: Offers registration fee waivers for low-income students through high school guidance offices. In addition, preparation materials including Taking the SAT I and Taking the SAT II are also available through your guidance counselor.

Your Community: Consult with your guidance counselor to find out if your high school offers subsidized test-prep programs for low-income students. (In California, there is a state-funded program that provides subsidies for test-prep courses.) In addition, some colleges and universities host student-run preparation courses, such as "Get Ready," a program offered through Harvard University.

Kaplan Educational Centers: Contact Kaplan at 1.800.KAP.TEST for information on tuition assistance programs for existing Kaplan test preparation courses and the location of the program nearest you. For more information on tuition assistance for Kaplan SAT test preparation courses, check the Kaplan Web site at www.kaplan.com. Select "About Kaplan" and then click on "Community Outreach."

Princeton Review: Contact Princeton Review at 1.800.2.REVIEW for information on their tuition reduction program for SAT preparation courses and the office nearest you.

[Note: Tuition assistance programs for low-income students provided by Kaplan Educational Centers and Princeton Review are available on a limited basis.]