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teachers' guide: secrets of the sat


The following handouts include information sheets, worksheets, and resource lists to supplement workshop activities or for use at home. Decide in advance which handouts to include in your workshop and make enough copies for each participant. Discussion and activity guides contain helpful call-out boxes highlighting handouts pertaining to specific exercises.

Or, consider including all of the following in a take-home packet for your students.

The links to the handouts will cause a new window to appear, and the handouts are in an easy-to-print format. You may also download all the handouts in MS Word format (153K).

Handout 1: Life After High School

Handout 2: Choosing a College

Handout 3: Preparing to Take the SAT

Handout 4: Fact Sheet on the SAT, Race, and College Admissions

Handout 4a: Race and College Admissions Around the Country

Handout 5: What Does the SAT Measure?

Handout 6: Test Preparation Resources

Handout 7: Additional Readings and Background on Stardardized Testing

Handout 8: Test Preparation Tuition Assistance Programs and SAT Registration Fee Waivers
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