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teachers' guide: secrets of the sat


Facilitator's Checklist

Print this page and use as a step-by-step guide to help you plan and execute a workshop using "Secrets of the SAT."

  • Determine the date and location of workshop(s). Schedule your workshop at a time and place convenient to working parents, and be sure to choose a location that can accomodate your A/V requirements, has ample room for refreshments, and is easily accessible to lavatory facilities.

  • Promote the workshop. Develop a flier and post at community gathering places. Talk with your colleagues and students about how best to reach students and parents of diverse backgrounds. Consider posting fliers at public libraries, churches, cultural or community centers, housing projects, and/or medical care facilities.

  • Identify local organizations that can add value to your program and/or help promote your workshop. These might include the admissions staff of your local college, alumni recruiters, private tutors, non-profit organizations, or local test preparation professionals.

  • Review the program and guide and choose clips, discussion topics, and activities to correlate with the amount of time you have for your workshop. You can choose clips from the one-hour documentary or from the specially edited clips found on this site. Based on the activities chosen, make note of additional materials and resources needed for your workshop (i.e., notecards, flip charts).

  • Reserve A/V equipment needed for your workshop (VHS recorder, monitor, or, if planning very large workshop, consider a digital projector and screen). Also be sure to plan for breaks with a refreshment table, convenient lavatory facilities, and room to walk around.

  • Arrange for refreshments. Solicit donations from local establishments that serve a large teenage clientele.

  • Reproduce handouts.
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