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teachers' guide: secrets of the sat


The videotape accompanying this guide includes the one-hour FRONTLINE documentary "Secrets of the SAT," complete with on-screen discussion prompts to highlight segments featured in this discussion guide, and two additional enhanced segments that also can be used as discussion triggers.

The first segment includes footage from interviews exploring the following:

  • "Are we obsessed with the SAT?"
  • "Where does the SAT come from?"
  • "What is the SAT and what does it measure?"
  • "What are the limitations of the SAT?"
  • "How do stereotypes affect SAT performance?"

The second segment features an inside look at the UC Berkeley admissions committee as they review applications and asks the question "How do SAT scores influence admissions?"

Following is a discussion guide designed to accompany either the one-hour documentary or the two fifteen-minute segments. Each topic in the discussion guide includes a detailed clip description and time codes to aid facilitators in cuing appropriate segments, suggested discussion questions, and notes about correspondng handouts included at the end of this guide. Extension activities immediately follow the discussion guide.
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