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Additional Resources

A Note about Internet Resources
Students need to be aware that Web sites sometimes only present one view of an issue. Encourage them to think about Web sites even as they are reading. Guiding questions as they review Web sites are: What did you learn from this site? What didn't you learn from this site? Who sponsors this site? What bias might the sponsor have? How current is the site?


The companion Web site to the documentary features extended interviews with political insiders, on-demand videostreaming of the full program, interactive maps and special reports about the newest energy technology and climate science.

The Senate Committee on Environment and Pubic Works
The site provides current and archival information on the committee's work in addressing environmental issues and their relationships with public works and private industry. Two distinct views are presented and addressed throughout. The committee's legislative calendar documents committee hearings and provides archival videostreams of sessions. Also included are press releases and written testimony of hearings.

Environmental Protection Agency
The agency's official Web site on climate change contains information on the basics of global warming and climate change, explanations of U.S. climate policy, an animated explanation of how global warming occurs, and activities that people can engage in to address the problem.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Global Warming FAQ
This site provides quick information on global warming and climate change with links to national and international climate sites.

National Environmental Trust
This non-profit, non-partisan organization works to inform citizens about environmental problems and how they can affect the health and quality of life. The Web site contains information on clean air, global warming, energy and forest management, as well as ocean and marine life.

The Cooler Heads Coalition's Global Warming Web site
The Web site is a project of the "Cooler Heads Coalition" that presents the skeptic's view of global warming. The Coalition points out that the science of global warming is uncertain, but the negative impacts of global warming policy on consumers are very real. The site has information about the Kyoto Protocol, and updates on the science, politics, and economics of global warming.

Union of Concerned Scientists
The organization is a science-based non-profit organization working for a healthy environment and safer world. The site reports on global warming, its causes, and what organizations and businesses are doing to combat the problems. Featured are reports and information from scientists who believe global warming is real and must be addressed.

United States Climate Action Partnership (USCAP)
This official site of a coalition of business and leading environmental organizations calls on the federal government to quickly enact strong national legislation to require significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. The site's main feature is a report published in early 2007 titled "A Call for Action" in which it lays out a blueprint for a mandatory economy-wide, market-driven approach to climate protection.