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Student Handout

How Did MySpace Become YourSpace?

Do you know who created MySpace and when it was created? Who currently owns MySpace? Why is MySpace such a popular place for advertisers who target teen consumers?

Working in a team, you will create a three- to five-minute newscast to share your investigative reporting of the history and economics of MySpace.

Step I. Gather Information
To investigate the following topics, use library research and credible online sources, and be sure to keep track of the sources for your information. Come up with a list of answers and facts about the following questions:

Step II: Plan, Organize and Practice
Organize your information into a three- to five-minute "news journal"-style presentation where everyone plays a reporter role. You can type out your broadcast word for word or use a bulleted list for a more extemporaneous format. Be sure to include transitions between reporters, and have the flow of the story make sense.
Make sure your story has the following elements:

Step III: Present Ideas and Discuss
Sitting in front of the room at a news desk, the group should report its information about MySpace. The rest of the class plays the role of a live studio audience, and volunteers can act as the makeup/wardrobe person, cameraperson, sound person, producer or other roles you think of. After your broadcast, allow the studio audience members to ask questions. For example, if someone has a question about the information you provide, you can refer to your research sources. You should appear as the "expert" on the topic. After all groups have presented, come together as a class to reflect upon and discuss this experience.