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Reports by Title

Al Qaeda's New Front
TOPIC: Terrorism

The Alternative Fix
TOPIC: Alternative and complementary medicine

Ambush in Mogadishu
TOPIC: U.S. intervention in Somalia

Assault on Gay America (Viewer's Guide)
TOPIC: Homophobia

Can You Afford to Retire?
TOPIC: Retirement savings

China in the Red
TOPIC: Economic reforms in China

The Choice 2000
TOPIC: Dual biographies of George W. Bush and Al Gore

The Choice 2004
TOPIC: Dual biographies of George W. Bush and John Kerry

The Choice '96
TOPIC: Dual biographies of Bill Clinton and Bob Dole

A Class Divided
TOPIC: Racism

Dangerous Straits
TOPIC: Taiwan; U.S.-China relations

Diet Wars
TOPIC: Nutrition and weight loss

Drug Wars
TOPIC: Illegal drugs

The Enemy Within
TOPIC: The domestic threat of terrorism

TOPIC: Obesity

From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians
TOPIC: Early Christianity

Ghosts of Rwanda
TOPIC: 1994 genocide in Rwanda

The Gulf War
TOPIC: The 1991 Persian Gulf War

Harvest of Fear
TOPIC: Genetically modified foods

A Hidden Life
TOPIC: The controversial 'outing' of the bisexual Mayor of Spokane, WA by the local newspaper

Hot Politics
TOPIC: The politics of global warming

House of Saud
TOPIC: Saudi Arabia's royal family

In Search of Al Qaeda
TOPIC: Terrorism

Inside the Teenage Brain (Parents' Guide)
TOPIC: Teenage brain development

The Insurgency
TOPIC: the insurgency in Iraq

The Invasion of Iraq
TOPIC: War with Iraq (2003)

Is Wal-Mart Good for America?
TOPIC: Wal-Mart, U.S. trade with China, outsourcing

Jefferson's Blood
TOPIC: Thomas Jefferson

The Jesus Factor
TOPIC: President George W. Bush and religion

Justice for Sale
TOPIC: Campaign finance; judicial elections

Karl Rove -- The Architect
TOPIC: Biography of Karl Rove

Kim's Nuclear Gamble
TOPIC: North Korea; nuclear weapons

The Last Abortion Clinic
TOPIC: The abortion debate

The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela
TOPIC: Biography of Nelson Mandela

The Lost American
TOPIC: Humanitarian intervention

The Lost Children of Rockdale County
TOPIC: Teen sexuality

The Lost Year in Iraq
TOPIC: The Coalition Provisional Authority and U.S. occupation of Iraq

Medicating Kids (Viewers/Parents Guide)
TOPIC: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Memory of the Camps
TOPIC: The Holocaust

Merchants of Cool
TOPIC: Mass marketing to teens; media literacy

The Meth Epidemic
TOPIC: Crystal meth abuse

The Mormons
TOPIC: Profiles The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Much Ado About Something
TOPIC: Shakespeare

TOPIC: Islam

News War
TOPIC: Challenges facing the News Media in a rapidly changing world. (2007)

The O.J. Verdict
TOPIC: The O.J. Simpson trial

The Other Drug War
TOPIC: Prescription drug pricing and marketing

The Persuaders
TOPIC: The advertising and marketing industries

Pope John Paul II: The Millennial Pope
TOPIC: Papal biography

Return of the Taliban
TOPIC: Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Taliban

The Roots of Terror
TOPIC: Terrorism

The Secret History of the Credit Card
TOPIC: Credit cards and the banking industry

Secrets of the SAT
TOPIC: SAT; diversity

TOPIC: Judaism; anti-Semitism

The Storm
TOPIC: Examining the federal, state, and local response to Hurricane Katrina

Testing Our Schools (Parents' Guide)
TOPIC: Standardized testing

The Torture Question
TOPIC: Interrogation tactics in the war on terror

The Triumph of Evil
TOPIC: Rwanda

Truth, War and Consequences
TOPIC: 2003 U.S. intervention in Iraq

Waco: The Inside Story
TOPIC: Waco; government intervention

What's Up With the Weather?
TOPIC: Global warming

When Kids Get Life
TOPIC: Juvenile Justice

Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?
TOPIC: Investigative biography of Lee Harvey Oswald