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Roots of Terrorism
teachers guide


  • Strategies for Discussion
  • Program Descriptions
  • Credits and Acknowledgments

  • Background
  • Key Events
  • Select Individuals by Program
  • Key Organizations
  • Maps of the Region
  • Country Briefings
  • "Basic Facts About Islam"

  • Classroom Activities
  • Activity 1: Roots of Hatred
  • Activity 2: Defining Terrorism
  • Activity 3: Defining an Ally
  • Activity 4: Views of bin Laden
  • Activity 5: U.N. Simulations
  • Activity 6: Making Connections
  • Activity 7: Media and Perception
  • Activity 8: Debates, Discussion Questions, and Writing Prompts
  • Activity 9: How Are You Being Represented?

  • Resources
    Where to go on the Web for more information

    This section contains background information relevant to the four FRONTLINE programs on which this teachers guide is based. In this section, you'll find:

    • Key events: A chronology that traces the major events that are covered in each of the four films

    • Select individuals by program: A list identifying the individuals who are interviewed and/or discussed in the four FRONTLINE films

    • Key organizations: Descriptions of the relevant groups, from the U.S. State Department's list of terrorist organizations and other sources

    • Maps of the region: For background information and to use in conjunction with the classroom activities

    • Country briefings: Links to data and background information from BBC News Country Profiles and the CIA's World Factbook

    • "Basic Facts About Islam": Excerpted from Rethinking Schools' special report, "War, Terrorism, and America's Classrooms"

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