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Roots of Terrorism
teachers guide


  • Strategies for Discussion
  • Program Descriptions
  • Credits and Acknowledgments

  • Background
  • Key Events
  • Select Individuals by Program
  • Key Organizations
  • Maps of the Region
  • Country Briefings
  • "Basic Facts About Islam"

  • Classroom Activities
  • Activity 1: Roots of Hatred
  • Activity 2: Defining Terrorism
  • Activity 3: Defining an Ally
  • Activity 4: Views of bin Laden
  • Activity 5: U.N. Simulations
  • Activity 6: Making Connections
  • Activity 7: Media and Perception
  • Activity 8: Debates, Discussion Questions, and Writing Prompts
  • Activity 9: How Are You Being Represented?

  • Resources
    Where to go on the Web for more information

    FRONTLINE compiled links and readings for each program's website. Follow the links below for further readings from noted authors and journalists, think tank policy recommendations, and government reports.

    Links and readings, by show:

    Activity Ideas

    PBS: America Responds has a variety of lesson plans.

    The website for Educators for Social Responsibility also has a number of lessons and additional resources.

    Non-Government Resources

    Foreign Policy in Focus
    The website of the progressive group Foreign Policy in Focus provides alternative visions for U.S. foreign policy, including collections of articles on the Middle East, terrorism, and more.

    U.N. Cyber School Bus
    Access United Nations policy statements on topics like child soldiers, human rights, child labor, peace education, and more. Explanations of how the U.N. functions, lists of member states, and help for Model U.N. simulations are also included.

    University of Virginia's Middle Eastern Studies program
    Includes an excellent list of links to newspapers from Middle Eastern countries.

    Harvard University Center for Middle Eastern Studies
    Provides an extensive collection of links to relevant journals, newspapers, and organizations.

    University of Texas Center for Middle Eastern Studies
    Includes country-by-country information for countries in the Middle East and Central Asia.

    Middle East Research and Information Project
    A source for news articles on the Middle East that are not available from mainstream media.

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