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Election Coverage

04 Jun 2009 13:062 Comments

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In Depth: commentary & analysis | By Muhammad Sahimi

Part I: the political and economical landscape in Iran. Part II: a brief history of the important political groups in Iran after the revolution, their place on the political spectrum and their present position on the issues. Part III: profiles of the four candidates. Part IV: developments on the campaign trail. Part V: panic in the hardline camp. Part VI: the ascent of the reformists.

Dispatches & Comment | By MEA Cyrus, Editors, Fariba Pajooh, Jason Rezaian, Muhammad Sahimi, Afshin Salimpour

Mousavi Strikes Back | Iran's wartime prime minister strikes back | Out on the Town | A ride-along with Basij |The Supreme Leader's One Vote | Backing the wrong candidate is a dangerous business | Rallying Behind Their Man | Blind Faith The Ghost of Elections Past | Ahmadinejad on the attack | Mast-e Mei-e Mousavi | Women turn out for Mousavi | Rattling the Cage | Karoubi holding strong | Opium of the People | A dose of religion | Zahedan and the Vote | On the Eve of terrorist attacks | Women and the Vote | Mousavi and his wife make waves | A Victim of Iran's Power Struggle | Why Roxana Saberi?

Gearing up

Hot Times and Cool Heads | by Gareth Smyth

Iranian Election Plot Thickens | by Gareth Smyth

Will the Principlists Rally Behind Ahmadinejad? | by Gareth Smyth

Three Not So Wise Men | by Gareth Smyth

The Khatami phenomenon

Khatami Re-emerges | by Golnoush Niknejad

Don't Call it a Comeback | by Golnoush Niknejad

The Rise and Fall of Mohammad Khatami | by Golnoush Niknejad

Other sources

Iran's Pres. Candidates Recognize the Web as a Go-To to Win | by Lara Setrakian

Reformists a Force in Looming Elections | by Farideh Farhi

A Primer on Iran's Presidential Election System | By Homeyra Mokhtarzada


The Sequel click here

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ali / June 7, 2009 4:16 PM


...Thought: IF there is such blatant fraud bringing factions into the street, sparking a violent put-down by the thugs, how will this affect US-Iran rapprochement? With the international media watching, the US will have to acknowledge what could be egregious abuses of Iranian people and the democratic process. How can the US legitimize a government that has been elected through such fraud? Of course we legitimize other "illegitimate" governments, but the story paints a different picture considering Iran's constitution.

Jaime / June 12, 2009 6:38 PM