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"Level Minus Four" Detention Center

30 Jul 2009 04:044 Comments

Sources: Tabnak and AutNews.me

One month after its revelation, an Iranian lawmaker has confirmed the existence of an underground detention center in the Iranian Intelligence Ministry.

Kazem Jalali, the spokesman for the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, is also a spokesman for a parliament committee investigating prisoner conditions. Jalili told reporters that the committee was investigating information it had received about the notorious "level minus four" detention center.

Following the release of a number of students arrested in an attack on the Tehran University dormitory, reports surfaced that the students had been transferred to an unknown [mysterious] location where they were assaulted, tortured and deprived of food and water.

Upon their release, the students said they believed they had been taken to an underground detention center in the Intelligence Ministry.

Jalali said that the committee had met with 200 of the detainees of the post-vote unrest. However, the committee's request to meet with 50 other prisoners who are either political figures or journalists, has been denied.

Jalali said lawmakers are ready to hear any complaints about prisoner abuse.

"Any mistreatment of detainees will be severely dealt with," he said.

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But, but, but, i thought the gracious supreme leader Khoemeni proudly announced he was going to close "one."

eric / July 30, 2009 10:02 AM

Brave words, Kazem Jalali, and I hope that they reflect your actual desire, and not just another placating sop for the media and masses.

If you sincerely seek justice in that system, you will have no lack of work to do, as long as you survive.

My heart goes out to the Iranian people, with Mahmoud "Landslide" Ahmadinejad as president.

Roger / July 30, 2009 11:49 AM

and you believe him? Can't you see they know about the tortures, they invent stories like the one that says that Neda is alive and living in Greece, or that the basijs don't carry fire arms and never shoot at people. God protect the people of Persia and may they obtain the freedom they deserve soon.

Monique / July 30, 2009 4:19 PM

Mr. Khamanei closed the one detention centre, that was below standards. In other words, this centre has traditionally been used to house drug addicts, dealers and criminals. Its facility was below the needed standards to torture, abuse and extract confessions. Its location too far south of the city for the average Basiji / Pasdaran interrogator to travel to. The prison system of Iran is a marvel of modern economic theory. Preformance based incentives means that only those facilities that can extract confessions, promote the line of the supreme leader and produce the needed actors for the national theather get to stay open and be expanded.....

hommer / August 4, 2009 12:22 PM