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Principlist MP: Kissing Leader's hand is not allegiance

28 Jul 2009 20:351 Comment

[Source: Tabnak] Tehran lawmaker Hamid-Reza Katouzian accused Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of confronting Iran's Leadership. Katouzian said that the president's actions over the past 10 days have been viewed as unacceptable in Principlist circles.

In a telephone interview with Tabnak, the Principlist politician said, "Mr. Ahmadinejad's recent actions and their continuation -- which is not unlikely -- will cause serious problems for his cabinet. There are only three ways to deal with the situation: First is to get a vote of confidence for the entire cabinet in the short time we have left [until the inauguration of the president]."

"Second is to dismiss all the ministers and appoint caretaker ministers. And third is for him to use a state decree."

Katouzian went on to say that the issue at hand was not the performance of the cabinet in the final days of the 9th government, but rather his allegiance to the rule of the just jurisprudence.

"Allegiance to the rule of the just jurisprudence is not [simply accomplished by] embracing the Leader and kissing his hand; allegiance must be practical [shown in practice]."

"In the appointment of Mr. Rahim Masha'i as first vice president, Mr. Ahmadinejad despite being well aware of the Leader's stance on the issue still appointed him to this important position, a position which in the absence of the president must be filled by him."

"Secondly, wee see that one week after the issuance of the Leader's handwritten order for the removal of Masha'i, Mr. Ahmadinejad still refuses to comply and even after the Leader's order has been made public he does not remove Masha'i and it is Masha'i who resigns. Then we see him appoint Masha'i as the director of the presidential office and all this while he knows the Leader's position on the issue."

"Thirdly, we see Mr. Ahmadinejad remove those ministers who stood in support of the Leader's wishes and criticized Mr. Ahmadinejad for his decision."

Katouzian continued, "Putting the incidents of the past 10 days together, whether they were purposeful or carried out unintentionally, only show a [path of] confrontation with the Leader and it is my opinion and that of other Principlists that Mr. Ahmadinejad needs to determine the nature of his relationship with the Leader."

In response to a question about the number of individuals detained in the clashes at the Tehran University dormitory, Katouzian said that despite being a Tehran representative, "I don't even know how many are in detention, who arrested them and where and under what conditions they are being held."

"I have to say we have no information at the moment. The truth-finding [seeking] committee that was formed by Mr. Larijani and headed by Mr. Abutorabi, of which I am a member, despite a good start has run aground now."

"The truth-finding committee has been marginalized due to the formation of another committee by the Majlis National Security commission and it has been three weeks since we had our last session."

"While the truth-finding committee obtained pictures, videos and reports and offered them to the authorities, it has not been able to do anything after the establishment of the second committee."

He added that despite obstacles, the committee had managed to offer assistance to some of the families of the detainees -- adding that the help had been far from significant.

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1 Comment

Isn't a Leader one whom the people choose to follow knowing the "Leader" chooses the way that they believe represents the will of the people they SERVE. Iran has too many individuals who call themselves leaders who lead by fear,greed and control over their own people. I hope and pray,for the innocent people of Iran,that the so called "Leaders" will self destruct and the Iranian people will have the chance for the their own path to freedom.

Teney an American / July 29, 2009 12:42 PM