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26 Nov 2009 00:283 Comments
9_8809011007_L600.jpg U.N. Nuclear Agency Calls Iran Inquiry 'Dead End'

NYT | Nov. 26, 2009

The director of the United Nations nuclear watchdog warned Thursday that its investigation into Iran's nuclear program had "effectively reached a dead end" after more than a year of stonewalling by Tehran.

Mohamed ElBaradei, the departing director of the International Atomic Energy Agency, issued an unusually direct rebuke of Iran's intransigence in a speech in Vienna, saying that it had been more than a year since Iran had answered questions about the extent of its nuclear ambitions, including suspicions that it is pursuing nuclear weapons.

The agency's 35-member board is expected to vote on a resolution criticizing Iran for failing to tell the agency about a uranium enrichment plant near the city of Qum until confronted by the West this fall with evidence of its existence. It would be the first time in nearly four years the United Nations body has passed a resolution against Iran's nuclear activities.

Former Interior Minister Ali Kordan Dies

AP │Nov. 22, 2009

Former Iranian Interior Minister Ali Kordan, who was dismissed after being accused of faking a law degree from the University of Oxford, has died, reports said Monday. He was 51.

Kordan died of heart failure Sunday after weeks of treatment for pulmonary and pancreatic problems, according to reports in Iranian newspapers and news agencies.

Iran's parliament dismissed Kordan in 2008 after questions arose over his credentials from Oxford. The university denied it awarded him an honorary doctorate of law.
Kordan claimed his impeachment was a conspiracy by Iran's foreign enemies, including the U.S. and Israel.

His alleged Oxford diploma, dated June 2000, was imprinted with a purported Oxford seal but was riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes.

Iran: new resolution will 'damage' IAEA cooperation

Press TV | Nov. 26, 2009

Iran has warned that a resolution against its nuclear program will 'jeopardize' the constructive atmosphere of its cooperation with the UN nuclear watchdog.

Ali-Asghar Soltaniyeh, Iran's envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), told the German daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung Thursday that a further resolution against Iran will undermine its cooperation with the body.

His remarks come as the 35-member IAEA board of governors began a two-day meeting Thursday to discuss a range of issues, including Iran's nuclear activities.

Radan warns of of police crackdown, cautions against soft war

Asr Iran | Nov. 25, 2009

Police chief Ahmad-Reza Radan said that to promote security in the country there will be a crackdown on "rapists, muggers and drug dealers."

"The plan to combat rapists, muggers and drug dealers will soon kick off with the cooperation of the Judiciary," he said.

"Presently efforts are being made to crackdown on smugglers and drug traffickers in the southern parts of Sistan and Baluchestan Province, such as tightening border security."

He went on to urge Shia mourners of Imam Hussein to beware of the enemy's "soft cultural war tactics." They will use superstitions to manipulate the people, he said.

Basijis verbally assault Karroubi in Qom

Tabnak | Nov. 25, 2009

Hossein Karroubi said dozens of Basijis gathered in front of his father Mehdi Karroubi's home in Qom and chanted slogans condemning the senior opposition cleric.

Hossein Karroubi told Radio Farda that the Basijis had gathered outside Mehdi Karroubi's home at 1 a.m. on Thursday, chanting "death to" slogans [marg bar zede velayate faqih, death to anyone opposing the supreme leader] and accusing him of being opposed to the Supreme Leader.

He added that his father was unharmed.

According to the Etemad-e Melli website, Karroubi is in Qom to attend the funeral of the late Ayatollah Qazi. Karroubi met with Ayatollah Mahfouzi and discussed the post-election developments in the country as well as Iran's economic troubles.

His site claimed that at 1 in the morning 60 Basiji bikers gathered outside Karroubi's home and chanted anti-Karroubi slogans until they were forced to abandon the area with the intervention of police and security forces.

Nabavi sent home on 10-day leave

Asr Iran | Nov. 25, 2009

Head of Branch 15 of the Revolution Court has approved of the temporary release of Behzad Nabavi.

According to the Islamic Republic News Agency, the Tehran Prosecutor said on Wednesday that "the court after trying, sentencing and receiving an $800,000 bail, agreed to temporarily release Nabavi."

Abbas Jafari-Dolatabadi added, "Upon court order, Nabavi can go on leave for 10 days as of Thursday night."

Mousavis visits Nabavi in hospital

Tabnak | Nov. 25, 2009

After Behzad Nabavi's lawyer confirmed that his client was released on bail, Mir Hossein Mousavi visited him in the hospital.

Saleh Nikbakht told the Islamic Labor News Agency that Nabavi had been temporarily released on an $800,000 bail and was awaiting surgery.

Nabavi, who was arrested on June 16, is currently undergoing treatment at the Khata ul-Anbia hospital of Tehran.

Mousavi and his wife Zahra Rahnavard were among the political figures who visited Nabavi in the hospital following his release.

List of sentences handed to political activists

Tabnak | Nov. 25, 2009

A member of the Combatant Cleric's Society told Khabar that the majority of political activists detained after the June 12 election have been sentenced.

Earlier, Tehran judiciary officials had announced that 80 of the political figures tried for opposition had appealed their sentences.

The sentences handed to political activists is as follows:

Hedayatollah Aghaie: 5 years in prison

Behzad Nabavi: 6 years, suspended

Ahmad Zaydabadi: 6 years, suspended; 5 years in exile in Gonabad; a lifetime ban from political and social activities

Mohammad-Ali Abtahi: 6 years, suspended

Saeed Hajjarian: 5 years, suspended

Mohammad Atrianfar: 6 years in prison

Ali Tajernia: 6 years, suspended; 74 lashes

Saeed Shariati: 7 years, suspended

Abdollah Momeni: 8 years, suspended

Shahab Tabatabayi: 5 years, suspended

Kambiz Nourouzi: 2 years, suspended; 76 lashes

Masoud Bastani: 6 years, suspended

Kian Tajbakhsh: 15 years, suspended

Hossein Rasam: 4 years, suspended

Atefeh Nabavi: 4 years, suspended

Hessam Salamat: 4 years, suspended

Ali Behzadiannejad: 6 years, suspended

Ali-Reza Ashouri: 6 years, suspended

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Quite a lot of suspended sentences here. Any confirmation beyond Tabnak?

Pirouz / November 27, 2009 3:50 AM

and your point is Pirouz......?

Agha Irani / November 27, 2009 12:52 PM

Pirouz, for someone who resides in the United States you B.S. a lot.If Iran is so good as you pretend it to be then why don't you move back here and live with the rest of us miserable lot?

Farideh / November 29, 2009 11:29 AM