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Press Roundup provides a selected summary of news from the Iranian press, and excerpts where the source is in English. The link to the news organization or blog is provided at the top of each item. Tehran Bureau has not verified these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy. Please refer to the Media Guide to help put the story in perspective. You can follow other news stories through our Twitter feed.

Iranian Intelligence Minister: Bomb Plot in Tehran Foiled

Press TV | BBC Persian | June 16, 2010

Iran's Intelligence Minister Heydar Moslehi said two terrorist teams were arrested from the Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) before they could carry out bomb attacks in Tehran.

According to the minister, one of the team leaders was arrested in a student dormitory with bomb making materials and ready to use Molotov cocktails. The minister also accused Britain, France and Sweden of backing the terrorists.

Video Shows Karroubi's SUV After Mob Attack

Persian Letters | June 15, 2010

Sahamnews posted this video of the SUV of opposition leader Mehdi Karrubi, which was damaged on June 13 by a group of hard-liners in the city of Qom.

Mousavi Demands Vote Fraudsters be Prosecuted, Releases Charter

RFE/RL | June 15, 2010

Iranian opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi on Tuesday called for those who "committed fraud" in last year's presidential poll to be prosecuted, as he released a new charter for the opposition movement in which called for an "end to the involvement of police and military forces in politics, the independence of the judiciary, and prosecution of those in plainclothes," referring to Islamist vigilantes.

Majority of University Applicants in Iran are Women

BBC Persian | June 14, 2010

An organizer for Iran's nationwide university entrance exam said that sixty percent of university applicants are now women with 773,653 women and 513,160 men taking the exam this year. To prevent the accumulation of women in one area of study and to keep Iran's men competitive, Iran has instituted gender quotes, with some schools reserving 40
percent for men and 40 percent for women, while the remaining twenty goes to the most competitive students.

Iran Pledges to Support Fellow Pariah State Belarus in Atomic Energy

Interfax TuT | June 15, 2010

Iran's Ambassador to Belarus, Sayyed Abdullah Hosseini, declared on Tuesday that Iran will be happy to help Belarus in any area of cooperation, including sending it oil and working in the field of atomic energy.

The Ambassador said that Iran and Belarus are going to develop tourism, open a Minsk - Tehran air route and plan for a visit by Belarussian President Aleksander Lukashenko to Iran for October of this year.

High Level Cleric and Ahmadinjead Mentor says Iran should Produce Nuclear Weapons

BBC Persian | June 14, 2010

The hard-line spiritual mentor of Iran's president has made a rare public call for producing the "special weapons" that are a monopoly of a few nations, which represents a veiled reference to nuclear arms.

EU to ban investments in Iranian gas and oil

EU Observer | June 15, 2010

Under the envisaged deal, Iranian banking and financial services will be banned from selling their products in the EU. Member states will also move to freeze EU-based bank accounts belonging to members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard, while Irisil, an Iranian shipping company, will be barred from operating in EU waters.

EU companies will also have to take a toll from the proposed sanctions, as they will be prohibited to invest in or offer technical assistance and technology transfers to Iran's oil and gas industry.

Iran Aid Ships Set Sail for Gaza

Haaretz | June 14, 2010

One ship left port on Sunday and another will depart by Friday, loaded with food, construction material and toys, Iranian state radio said on Monday. The boats would be part of international efforts to break Israel's isolation of the Gaza Strip.

Iranian Lawmaker: Russia, China showed goodwill

PRESS TV | June 14, 2010

A senior Iranian lawmaker says Russia and China probably had "the best of intentions" when they voted yes for another set of sanctions against the Islamic Republic. "The Iranian Foreign Ministry believes China and Russia's moves were in fact sympathetic," said Hossein Ebrahimi, who is a senior member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Iranian Parliament.

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