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Press Roundup provides a selected summary of news from the Iranian press, and excerpts where the source is in English. Click on the link to the story to read it in full. Tehran Bureau has not verified these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy. Please refer to the Media Guide to help put the stories in perspective. You can follow other news stories through our Twitter feed.

FM Mottaki Attempted to Resign over Ahmadinejad Foreign Policy

EA | Sept 6

UPDATE 2015 GMT: More criticism from Mottaki, this time of Ahmadinejad's special envoy for Asia, Hamid Baghaei, who is also the head of the Iran Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization.

The Foreign Minister said that it was not clear, based on authority and position, how Baghaei came to make "these inappropriate remarks", presumably a reference to the controversial intervention over Turkey's "genocide" of Armenians.

Mottaki asked the Iranian officials, especially in Government, not to increase the price that Iran has to pay internationally through inappropriate and naïve remarks and speeches.

EA can report, from reliable sources, that Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki tried to resign last month over President Ahmadinejad's appointment of four special envoys, including his Chief of Staff Esfandiar Rahim-Mashai, for international affairs.

Mottaki offered his resignation in a private letter, but the Supreme Leader intervened by sending a member of his office to talk with the Foreign Minister. Mottaki set out his complaint with the question, "What is my role?", given the apparent takeover of Iran's diplomacy by the Presidency.

French FM willing to 'do anything' to save Ashtiani

| Sept 6

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner says he is willing to "do anything" to save an Iranian woman sentenced to death on an adultery conviction and has offered to travel to the Iranian capital to plead her case.

Bernard Kouchner calls Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani's sentence to death by stoning "the height of barbarism" and says her case has become a "personal cause" for him

Kouchner told reporters Monday after meeting with one of the woman's lawyer's in Paris that "I'm ready to do anything to save her. If I must go to Tehran to save her, I'll go to Tehran."

Vatican: stoning in Iran adultery case 'brutal'

AP | Sept 5

The Vatican raised the possibility Sunday of using behind-the-scenes diplomacy to try to save the life of an Iranian widow sentenced to be stoned for adultery.

In its first public statement on the case, which has attracted worldwide attention, the Vatican decried stoning as a particularly brutal form of capital punishment.

Vatican spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi said the Catholic church opposes the death penalty in general.

"When the Holy See is asked, in an appropriate way, to intervene in humanitarian issues with the authorities of other countries, as it has happened many times in the past, it does so not in a public way, but through its own diplomatic channels," Lombardi said in the statement.

Iran's Revolutionary Guards Deny Besieging Karubbi's Home

RFE/RL | Sept 5

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) today denied that it or Islamist militia fighters had besieged the home of opposition leader Mehdi Karrubi.

The IRGC said in a statement that Karrubi's home, under seige since last week, was carried out by "rogue elements" who were not linked to the Revolutionary Guards or to the Basij militia.

Iran activist on trial for 'warring against God'

AFP | Sept 5

A vocal female human rights activist and journalist went on trial in Iran Saturday on charges including "warring against God," which is punishable by death, her lawyer was reported as saying.

Shiva Nazar-Ahari, 26, went on trial "on charges of Moharebeh (warring against God), conspiring and gathering to commit a crime, propaganda against the regime and harming public order," lawyer Mohammad Sharif told ILNA news agency.

"After presenting the last defence, the end of the trial was declared," he said. "We are awaiting the verdict and I am not pessimistic about the fate of the case."

Most UAE banks stop transfers to Iran after sanctions

AFP | Sept 5

Most banks in the United Arab Emirates, an important trading partner for Iran, have stopped money transfers there after the latest round of sanctions on the Islamic republic, bankers said on Sunday.

A Dubai-based Iranian businessman said that the latest sanctions have halved trade with Dubai, an important re-export centre for Iranian goods.

"We stopped transfers to Iran in all currencies in July," an executive from an international bank, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told AFP.

Iran says Japan deprived from using Iran's potentials by sanctions

Xinhua | Sept 5

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said Sunday that any country, including Japan, which imposes sanctions against Iran, will deprive itself from taking advantages of Iran's potentials, the official IRNA news agency reported.

"Any country joining the sanction-imposing states club against Iran will deprive itself from taking advantages of the country's high potentials," Mehmanparast told IRNA, reacting to Japan's latest move to impose new sanctions on Iran.

Bahrain steps up pressure on Shiite 'plotters'

AP | Sept 5

What began last month with the arrest of an opposition leader in Bahrain has mushroomed into a full-blown political offensive in the tiny Gulf nation with big fault lines: U.S.-allied Sunni rulers against members of a Shiite majority being cast as coup plotters who could open the door to Iranian influence.

On Sunday, Bahrain's Cabinet warned that anyone convicted of trying to undermine the state would be deprived of rights such as housing assistance and other government help.

"This sophisticated terrorist network with operations inside and outside Bahrain has undertaken and planned a systematic and layered campaign of violence and subversion aimed squarely at undermining the national security of Bahrain," said a statement by public prosecution official Abdul-Rahman al-Sayed after the arrests were announced Saturday.


It's time for Obama to support a UN rights monitor on Iran

FP | Sept 3

Over the past year, the Obama Administration has missed successive opportunities to bring real international pressure on the Iranian government to address the severe human rights crisis gripping the country. Instead, it has focused its political muscle on the singular objective of convincing Iran's leadership to stop nuclear enrichment. The result has been an almost cruel disregard for the plight of the Iranian people and their urgent need for international attention to their human rights situation.

Since joining the UN Human Rights Council in June 2009, the United States has worked to address crises in places as diverse as Haiti, Honduras, Burma, Sudan, Guinea, Kyrgysztan, Somalia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Yet, since the Green uprising started last summer, not a single resolution has been presented by the United States or European states on the brutal repression taking place in Iran.

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