Ten Trillion and Counting

What are your thoughts on this report -- and on Obama’s vow to cut the deficit in half by the end of his term in office?

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I thought for an hour program it created important questions on how, why the government faces a Debt Crisis. The debt problem has many causes be it health care, defense, social security costs.
Both parties are equally to blame to the current fiscal situation in the United States. In the 1960s, Democrat LBJ wanted a war on poverty and a south east asia war. In the 1980s, GOP Reagan wanted huge defense spending with huge tax cuts and in the 2000s, GOP President Bush wanted both expanded welfare entitlements and to fight wars in the Middle-East.
Now Americans face a potential Argentina type debt crisis that will destroy their hopes and dreams for the future. As a nation new solutions to entitlement program can be found that may involve a mixture of public and private investments. Young people need to be brought into the debate progress for they will have to the live with the consequences. Midnight is here and to do nothing is suicide.

Doug Characky
Santa Clarita, Ca


As always, your Frontline program on our nation's debt was thought provoking and well done. Why won't our politicians confront the 800 lb gorilla in the kitchen?

Social Security must be seen as a national insurance plan and it ought not be viewed as an entitlement. It is not a savings or pension plan. Yes, every senior who needs the support of the plan should receive benefits. But how many seniors receive benefits who have the personal financial means to take care of themselves? My elderly father-in-law put it best: "I don't need the government's money. I'd rather have the government invest in the future of this country: our children." If Social Security (and our government's solvency)is going to survive, we must confront the need for means testing.

Dennis Ryan
Chicago, Illinois


I was shocked while watching "Ten Trillion and Counting". It was heavily slanted against the Republicans and seemed over critical of past Republican presidents. This type of biased coverage seems unlike Frontline. I have always counted on a balanced view from Frontline and there was no balanced view of this particular segment. It's as if PBS is pandering to the Democrats in order to secure funding. Please get back to your roots and show boths sides of the story in a neutral, logical tone.

Barbara Davis
Atlanta, GA


While there's a whole host of variables out there to look at when looking at the current economic mess we're in, I for one, appreciated the fact that Frontline's Trillion focused in on fiscal policy. And Frontline shed some much needed light on the debt (versus the deficit), how and from whom our government borrows money and the vulnerabilities that presents to our future.

I do agree with another blogger, however, that knowing how our debt