Ten Trillion and Counting

What are your thoughts on this report -- and on Obama’s vow to cut the deficit in half by the end of his term in office?

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In viewing your programs in the past, I thought that you would give me honest insight. But was disappointed, your programing is becoming increasingly bias.

Steven Guillory
Amelia, Louisiana


PBS makes me mad. Blame Bush for the rising debt? Fair enough, but Bill Clinton's dot.com bust cost Americans $9 trillion, his (and Alan Greenspan's) deregulation of the derivatives market PUT America in the economic mess it now finds itself in. His economy though outwardly robust-looking was a massive house of cards and we will pay for it as long as the Japanese paid for their real estate boom/bust, about a decade of recession. Like Alan Greenspan's biography, PBS makes NO mention of these events.

Richard Anderson
Toronto, Canada

posted march 24, 2009

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