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Q. I see a broken image/plug-in symbol - am I missing something?
A. Perhaps. If you don't have a recent version of the RealPlayer Plug-in or the Windows Media Plug-in, you won't be able to see the video clip. Generally, if you don't have the plug-ins, most browsers will let you know that you cannot view the clip, but in certain cases a broken plug-in image will appear instead.

Q. I hear sound, but I don't see anything on the screen or it says "Buffering."
A. We apologize for this - is a very busy site, and bandwidth may be limited at peak times. If you try back later, you will probably be able to view the video without problems.

Q. Why don't you support QuickTime?
A. We are trying to phase in support for QuickTime, but unfortunately many of our older programs are not available in that format. QuickTime is an excellent format, but it's difficult for us to serve at the moment; PBS does not support QuickTime at the level they support Windows Media and Real Player. We are looking for alternative ways to support it for a greater number of our streamed reports.

Q. Can I watch the entire show at once?
A. Sorry, not yet. We plan to implement this soon, but due to browser compatability issues we are unable to offer it at the moment. In the meantime, we suggest using the navigation at the bottom of the window to move between chapters.

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