From: Ted Mozer
I am a regular Frontline watcher. Your programming on WACO and tonight's on Cyberspace were very informative. As far as my views on WACO both before and after watching your program, the ATF and FBI were totally justified in all of there actions! The whole situation should have ended (as it did) long before the day of the fire. Those people wanted to die and would have taken others with them if they had had the chance.

From: John Graham, Seattle
Concerning Waco: A cop come up behind me with a flashing red light. The cop thinks I ran a red light. I think I didn't. The cop orders me to pull over and come out of my car. I speed up. The cop tries to force me to stop. I pull a gun. The cop shoots out my tire. I drive into a light pole and am killed. Who is at fault?
This was a quick reaction to those who seem to hold David Koresh blameless for the series of events that occured at Waco. It is absurd to "forget" that no matter what the circumstances, resisting arrest necessarily puts one at risk. At the same time I was profoundly dismayed when I heard that Federal agents had decided to storm the compound. I think that the Government has an obligation to go to extraordinary lengths to protect the lives of innocents, and it seems obvious to me that whatever the outcome might have been, a direct assault increased the risk of fatalities. Thanks for your depth.

From: A. Gray
I think it is important to review government actions, especially in the area of law enforcement. However, I believe it is a travesty that so much emotional energy has been wasted on trying to allocate blame for the demise of David Koresh and his misguided, lost cult of followers. The only person who bears the primary responsibility for the demise of Koresh's followers is Koresh himself. In addition, Koresh's naive, lost followers, bear a large measure of responsibility for their own deaths. They willingly gave up their freedom of thought and action to a delusional, messianic maniac who used the threat of violence, sexual exploitation, and ritualized child abuse of members' young daughters to control his "flock" and fulfill his sick sexual obsessions and pedophilia. They allowed themselves to be deluded, used and sacrificed like lambs by an obvious psychopath.
There is no doubt that it was tragedy that his followers died during the Waco seige, although probably through their own Jonestown like mass suicide. However, it is important not to forget that this self professed messiah had every opportunity to turn down the heat of the confrontation and give himself up to agents of the American legal system for trial. To excuse or in any way justify Koresh's violent, muderous resistance of federal agents serves to undermine the foundations of our Democracy and the legal foundation on which this nation is built. Such apologists for Koresh, or the Ruby Ridge White Supremacist fanatics, are either naively serving the interests of anti-government anarchists, or actively trying to undermine the very governmental institutions that serve as the backbone for our nation.
Finally, if everyone resisted legal authorities with gunfire, as in the Waco or Ruby Ridge episodes, our society would rapidly collpase. This disintegration of our society would herald an unprecendented Hobbesian state that we all would eternally regret! This is a potentiality that all Americans must actively resist. Accordingly, as Americans, we must eternally struggle to maintain and enhance the ties that bind us together as a nation. Thus, to maintain these ties, we must also be willing to support our governmental insititutions, including those agencies now under attach for the Waco and Ruby Ridge incidents. We can guide these governmental bodies towards reform when needed without self-destructively seeking to dismantle or eliminate these bodies. In spite of their flaws, our governmental institutions continue to serve and protect our common rights and interests as Americans.

Dear Mr Boyer:
Excellent documentary on the seige at Waco!!!
A few comments and questions. I taped and have viewed the show three times, so far. And it comes to mind. Just why the Government's interest in Korish and the Davidian? And why could'nt the problem be handled locally?
Agent R.J.Craig came across as the most perceptive person of all that were shown. His prediction of disaster were well founded. And of the three main agents shown, he seem to understand who and were Korish was coming from.
Agent Byron Sage was also sensitive to the situation and the people involed excluding Korish. As well as the local Sheriff.
One observatiopn that comes continually to mind. It seems that any large Government law enforcement agency dealing with off beat religious, political groups such Waco, Ruby Ridge Idaho and Philadelphia's Move Group. That they are not prepared (or trained)to deal with the complexity and personality involed, which acts as a catalyst for the resulting full scale disasters.
One question what happened to Agents Jamar, Craig and Sage?? Did you have full access to them? Did their careers end with the seige at Waco?
It seemed that throughout the seige that HRT and HNT people were at continual odds with each other. Which added confusion, mistrust and bad blood, that took something away from the problem at hand.
I appreciate your approach your hard work in bringing the truth about what went on during the seige at Waco. Keep up the good work. Sorry if I bent your ear!!!
Thank You. Sincerely, Jim Cook

From: James Jarnagin --
I don't think you really completely understand what happened at Waco. After spending several months with one of the Branch Davidians as a cellmate, I think I completely understand what happened here.
Koresh had developed an acute case of the Jerusalem syndrome after having visited Israel. He fantasized about his chosen purpose and leader of this religious group. His good friend, Paul Fatta, was a gun collector/trader. Koresh began to convince Fatta that his religious efforts must be tied to a militia. This militia was the keystone to his freedom. The opportunity to encourage pregnancies with the women in the compound, could only increase the number of his followers the fastest possible way. Guns would ultimately allow a sense of privacy and proteection from state and federal law prohibiting sex with minors.
The ATF were showcasing their new squad and weaponry without thinking about the defensive possibilities of Koresh. This tactic cost the lives of four ATF and many religious followers. ATF knew that Koresh purchased hardward and grocery supplies twice and week and signed the bill or paid cash himself at those retailers. They could have waited and avoided this clash.


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