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The People's Century is also a two-term telecourse for distance learners that draws on image and word to make visible the historical roots of our interconnected world. It uses the complementary strengths of twenty-six one-hour video programs, a comprehensive textbook, and a student study guide to help students understand patterns of world history during the twentieth century. The text, Twentieth Century World by Carter Vaughn Findley and John Alexander Murray Rothney (fourth edition; Houghton Mifflin, 1988), provides a revealing, balanced account of the global impact of the century's major trends and events, explaining how global developments variously reduced and defined more clearly the differences among the world's regions.

The telecourse is distributed to colleges and universities by the PBS Adult Learning Service. Educators can find out how to offer the course by visiting PBS Adult Learning Service Online. Viewers wishing to find out how to enroll in the course for college credit should check out the clickable map on the Adult Learning Web site which lists colleges all over the country offering telecourses.

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