Fast Forward

Links to Related Sites

Riots and Rebellion: Civil Rights, Police Reform and the Rodney King Beating
A multimedia legal casebook with journalistic accounts, a dramatization, official reports and videos.

The Los Angeles Riots, 1992
Resources for study, from "Los Angeles: Past, Present & Future", a site maintained by members of USC's Information Services Division.

Studies in intelligence
A collection of articles on the theoretical, doctrinal, operational and historical aspects of intelligence from the website of the CIA.

Federation of American Scientists
Analysis and advocacy on science, technology, global security and public policy.

The Palestine Islamic Jihad
From the Federation of American Scientists Intelligence Resource Program.

Iran-Iraq War (1980 - 1988)
A military history, with links, from the Information Resource Center at Canadian Forces College.

The Cold War and the Social Sciences: An Annotated Bibliography
The American Library Association/Association of College and Research Libraries/Anthropology & Sociology Section Annual Conference Program. From the Perry Library at Old Dominion University.

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