Master Race

Links to Related Sites

A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust
Contains documents that provide many possibilities for classroom discussion and student activities. Maintained by the University of South Florida.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Includes many resources, including a history of the Holocaust, children and the Holocaust, and teaching guidelines.

The Simon Weisenthal Center
An organization dedicated to Holocaust remembrance, the defense of human rights, and the Jewish people.

Memorial Museums for the Victims of the Nazi-Regime in Germany
An index of museums. Includes brief descriptions of each institution, travel directions, related literature, and illustrations.

An Auschwitz Alphabet
A part of Spectacle on-line magazine, is this article covers various aspects of life at Auschwitz.

To Save a Life: Stories of Jewish Rescue
From Humboldt State University, this is an on-line book about people who rescued Jews during WWII. The stories have been authenticated by a specialist in the field.

The History Place: Nazi Germany/World War II
This commercial site for educators includes timelines, biographies, and the story of Adolf Hitler.

Nazi Medicine
Hosted by Loyola University in Chicago, this Web site focuses on medical atrocities committed by the Nazis. This site includes graphic images.

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