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Links to Related Sites

German Internet Project -- Unification Slides
This site contains many photos relating to Germany during the time of reunification. The photos were provided by New York's German Information Center. These pages reside on The University of North Carolina's German Internet Project Web site.

Kennedy at the Berlin Wall
This exhibit from the National Archives and Records Administration's American Originals site contains information about Kennedy's visit to Berlin on June 26, 1963, including audio excerpts from Kennedy's speech.

East Germany Opens Berlin Wall and Borders
Newspaper article, published by The Washington Post on November 10, 1989.

Central Europe Online
An online newspaper devoted to Central Europe.

Radio Prague
Use RealAudio to listen to a live broadcast of Radio Prague, the international broadcast station for the Czech Republic. Daily news and press reviews are also available.

Czechoslovakia -- A Country Study
An online book about the country, prepared by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress and made available through the American Memory Web site.

Romanian Internet Directory
Comprehensive list of links, with many devoted to the history of Romania.

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