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Welcome to People's Century

In 26 one-hour programs, People's Century tells the dramatic story of the twentieth century, through the voices and images of ordinary people who experienced it.

Since the series explores many events and issues that are core curriculum topics, it provides many opportunities to supplement your teaching. You can use individual programs as stand-alone documentaries or organize them into thematic units.

To help you select the People's Century programs that will best fit your curriculum, the Thematic Overview highlights the major lesson themes and time periods for each program in the series. Several teaching units also contain a "Connections Across History" chart, which lists common themes and topics across lessons.

Each teaching unit consists of two lessons: The first is a general lesson, examining broad themes and topics; the second lesson, using a shorter segment from the program, helps explore particular issues or events presented in the program. Each lesson begins with a compelling quotation by someone interviewed in the program, which you may want to post at the beginning, to engage students' interest and focus their thinking.

In addition, this Web site contains additional in-depth transcripts of interviews from the series, which can provide rich primary-source materials you can use with your students to extend the lessons.

Taping Rights
You may tape People's Century programs and use the videotapes for educational purposes up to one year after the broadcast.
Educators may also purchase tapes through PBS Video.

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