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Robert Creeley

The Language

Robert Creeley (1926-2005) was associated for a time with the Black Mountain Poets, and was friends with Beat poet Allen Ginsberg; but he was known ultimately, for his own "unique brand of vigilant minimalism." In the 1950s, David Perkins writes, "While many poets in the United States were breaking out into protest, confession, and liberation, with turbulent emotions, lavish particulars, and many lines…[Creeley] retrenched into the small and muted. His poems focused on a metaphor or complex of feeling, which planted itself in the mind." Creeley wrote more than 60 books during his lifetime and received the Lannan Lifetime Achievement Award in 2001. He taught Poetry at Brown University and also served as the Samuel P. Capen Professor of Poetry and the Humanities at State University of New York at Buffalo. This animation was created by Chad Edwards. The poem is read here by Carl Hancock Rux.

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