The Question of God

The Complete Program

All segments from the Question of God programs are available here either as video chapters or text transcripts, or both.

The Question of God — Program 1
Freud — "Golden Child"
Lewis — "Surprised by Joy"
Conversation 1 — "A Transcendent Experience"
Freud — "The Revelation of Science"
Conversation 2 — "Science or Revelation?"
Lewis — "School Days"
Freud — "Interpreter of Dreams"
Conversation 3 — "The Exalted Father"
Lewis — "A Leap in the Dark"
Conversation 4 — "Why Believe?"
Freud — "Human Mythology"
Lewis — "From Spirits to God"
Conversation 5 — "Miracles"
The Question of God — Program 2
Freud — "Libido"
Lewis — "The Four Loves"
Conversation 6 — "Love Thy Neighbor"
Freud — "Civilization and Its Discontents"
Conversation 7 — "The Human Condition"
Lewis — "Defender of the Faith"
Conversation 8 — "Moral Law"
Freud — "The Promised Land"
Lewis — "A Grief Observed"
Conversation 9 — "Suffering and Death"

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