Premiered Tuesday, July 18

Episode 1

Join National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore as he travels 10,000 miles from his home in Nebraska to Madagascar. He’s here to photograph creatures found nowhere else on the planet, and add them to his Photo Ark.

Joel’s main goal is to photograph a lemur, the rare and acrobatic Decken’s sifaka.  He journeys three days – one-way – just to get to the world’s only captive individuals. It’s that or enter its home in the wild, a stone forest blanketed with razor-sharp rocks. The sifaka have adapted amazing leaping abilities, safely and easily clearing 20 feet in a single jump.

You don’t have to travel 10,000 miles to find rare animals. Joel hops down to the Florida Keys, where sea level rise is real. Joel is on a mission to photograph the endangered Lower Keys marsh rabbit. Time’s running out before sea water destroys its home, where much of it is less than three feet above sea level.

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Animals and Locations Featured

Boca Chica Naval Air Station
Key West, Florida

Lower Keys Marsh Rabbit

Scientific NameSylvilagus palustris hefneri

Lemur Island

Aldabra Giant Tortoise

Scientific NameGeochelone gigantea

Lemuria Land
Nosy Be, Madagascar

Diademed Sifaka

Scientific NamePropithecus diadema

Von der Decken's Sifaka

Scientific NamePropithecus deckenii

Lincoln Children Zoo
Lincoln, Nebraska

Naked Mole Rat

Scientific NameHeterocephalus glaber

Lowry Park Zoo
Tampa, Florida

Florida Key Deer

Scientific NameOdocoileus virginianus clavium


Madagascan Dwarf Chameleon

Scientific NameBrookesia minima

St. Augustine Alligator Farm
St. Augustine, Florida

Black Caiman

Scientific NameMelanosuchus niger

Nile Crocodile

Scientific NameCrocodylus niloticus

Yacare Caiman

Scientific NameCaiman yacare

White Crowned Hornbill

Scientific NameBerenicornis comatus

Tsimbazaza Zoo
Antananarivo, Madagascar

Madagascar Fish Eagle

Scientific NameHaliaeetus vociferoides

Rufous Mouse Lemur

Scientific NameMicrocebus rufus