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Buddhist Deities: A Primer
The imagery of Asian religious sculptural figures can be bewildering. Distinguishing Chinese from Korean and Japanese, Indian from Thai, can be a daunting challenge. In this primer Lark Mason overview's the most common figures and provides pointers about how to distinguish the sculpture of one Asian culture from another.

Learn the Twist to This Remington Story
In 1938, the Dodge family obtained an 1896 Remington portrait from the Frederic Remington Museum of Art in Ogdensburg, New York, in exchange for a Remington illustration. Several decades later, the trustees of the museum came to a shocking realization regarding the authentication of the pieces exchanged. Read the story of how one ANTIQUES ROADSHOW appraisal brought the incident to light.

Long Hair and Murray the K
In 2014, a guest named Ted brought in a hand-drawn sign to ROADSHOW that read “Murray the K Comes on Monday" — written by John Lennon in 1969. While Ted may have been an avid Beatles music fan, it was Lennon’s activist work that made this sign so significant. Read more on the era and events surrounding the sign.

Read Walt Whitman's Letter
In 2014, ROADSHOW guest, Abbie, brought in an 1863 letter written by Walt Whitman during the Civil War. During the war, Whitman assisted soldiers in writing letters to their family, one of which remained in Abbie’s possession. Read more about the letter sent by Albion Hubbard below.
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