From the Episode

Korean Court Screen, ca. 1700

First Featured In:

Bismarck, Hour 3


Bismarck, ND (2005)


Asian Arts

Last Updated:


Value (Auction):

$400,000 to $600,000


Lark E. Mason

About the Find

At the ROADSHOW, our guests are always learning new surprises about their objects, but what happens when one of our appraisers gets a surprise of his own? At the 2005 Bismarck event, Asian Arts appraiser Lark Mason met Dee, the owner of a tattered but magnificent silk court screen, several hundred years old and apparently of Chinese origin. Dee said she’d come close to throwing it out, but eventually enlisted Mason’s help to sell it at auction. An auction that would wind up leaving Dee elated, and Mason and his colleagues in shock!

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