Mid-20th-Century Bern Hill Railroad Posters & Maquettes

First Featured In:

Louisville, Hour 1


Louisville, KY (2007)


Prints & Posters

Last Updated:


Value (Auction):

$37,000 to $42,000


Nicholas D. Lowry

About the find

During ROADSHOW’s 2007 Louisville, Kentucky event, Prints and Posters appraiser Nicho Lowry inspected one guest’s “incredible” collection of posters and maquettes, by a relatively unknown artist named Bern Hill. He put an auction estimate of $37,000 to $42,000 on the whole set. Later, Lowry helped the owner, Greg, sell the posters. ROADSHOW caught up with Nicho recently and learned what happened after the Louisville appraisal, and how ROADSHOW helped to kindle widespread awareness of a previously unknown artist.

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