Do you have a photo of The King wearing this sparkly suit? ROADSHOW wants to hear from you!

It was just what we hoped for in Memphis. A local ROADSHOW guest named Bobbi showed appraiser Beth Szescila a special suit her husband bought at an auction in 1975. Not the kind of men's wear you'll find in the mall, this handmade, one-of-a-kind suit belonged to The King.

"It's no secret that Elvis Presley loved clothes ... and paid a lot of money for them," Ms. Szescila said. But she explained that as with all articles of clothing ascribed to Elvis, this black sparkly number might have a range of different values depending on whether and when the legend actually wore it — and how well that can be authenticated. If Elvis wore the outfit during his 1968 Comeback Special, Ms. Szescila said, it could be worth as much as $100,000.

If you have a photo of The King wearing this sparkly suit, ROADSHOW wants to hear from you!

On the other hand, if he wore it somewhat later, during the so-called Las Vegas era, then it would be worth closer to $30,000. If Elvis merely owned, but never wore, the suit, its value would decrease further to around $15,000. Ms. Szescila pointed out, however, that the suit does show wear and tear suggesting it was probably worn on stage. Bobbi also brought a notarized letter authenticating the suit, written by Elvis's father Vernon at the time he donated it for auction to the Germantown Jaycees.

Ms. Szescila said, though, that if one can be found, a photograph showing Elvis wearing the suit will be the most important element in establishing its value. Still, at either end of that range, Bobbi's husband has done well on his $1,250 investment in a pop-music icon.

If you think you may have a photo of The King that shows him wearing this sparkly suit, let us know in the comments below!

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