Appraiser Christopher Lane appraised this beaten-up old 1820 John Trumbull "Declaration of Independence" print in the summer 2004 for $800 to $900.

A closer look at John Trumbull's "Declaration of Independence" as seen on our littlest-used piece of U.S. currency — the $2 bill.

In the summer of 2004 a guest named Gary, a self-professed "dumpster diver," came to the ROADSHOW event in Reno, Nevada, with a beaten-up old print he said he'd found among trash gathered from a vacated house.

He decided to hold on to it, and after showing it to appraiser Christopher Lane, Gary was pleased to learn that the 1820 print, made from an iconic work by American painter John Trumbull, had historical significance in addition to its value of $800 to $900. [Watch the appraisal]


About the Author Luke Crafton
Luke Crafton is ANTIQUES ROADSHOW's director of digital content.