Check out an appraisal of a mysterious Chinese bronze vessel.

During ROADSHOW's 2013 visit to Detroit, Michigan, the owner of a bronze vessel met Asian arts expert Dessa Goddard to talk about her treasure. She had purchased the piece for $25 from an antiques consignment shop, but didn't know how to read the Chinese text on the piece.

An antique bronze piece with a mystery inscription

"I talked to at least seven people," she said. "'This is old,' that's all they can say." Goddard inspected the piece and explained that it was a Chinese bronze fu. She said it was "modeled on an old Chinese bronze form that was made as a food vessel for a wealthy official to be buried with him when he died, so that he would have food in the afterlife."

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About the Author Dylan Hayley Leavitt
Dylan Hayley Leavitt was ANTIQUES ROADSHOW's digital associate producer from 2012 to 2017.