Read the poem that won an Elvis Presley fan the opportunity of a lifetime!

During ANTQUES ROADSHOW’s 2019 visit to the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas, a guest named Yvette brought in a piece of art that won her mother, Marie, the chance to meet Elvis Presley in October 1956. Yvette told Collectibles appraiser Lisa Ramaci how her mother, then only 18 years old, created a giant postcard in order to submit it to 55 KTSA, the local radio station that was holding a contest where the winner got to meet the King of Rock-n-Roll. On the back of the postcard, Marie wrote a poem explaining why she deserved a date with Elvis.

“She was selected … she went to a press conference, and she got to sit backstage for two of the concerts that he played in town here. And he would wink at her from the stage, and she just felt just tickled,” Yvette said. “And then they went out for dinner as a group. I mean, it was a large group of people … it was a really big moment in her life.”

Ramaci praised the postcard for being a wonderful piece of Elvis Presley memorabilia, and pointed out Elvis’s note that he had written on the front: "To Marie, My very best to you. Love you, Elvis Presley."

Ramaci gave the autographed postcard, which was accompanied by a photo of Elvis actually signing it, an auction estimate of $3,000 to $5,000.

Although, one can guess, to Marie and Yvette the items are priceless.

Read Marie’s winning poem to Elvis Presley below!

"Rhythm in Blues," written in October 1956

Dear Sirs:

I think I should be the winner of EPC because…

“Rhythm in Blues”

DED. to Elvis

I love your escapes
Which are some people’s debates
But who’s complaining,
It’s you who’s fame gaining.

Wherever you go,
Whomever you meet
There’s always somebody
Who will be so discreet.

I just want to add,
That if I were to have
But on singer to choose,
Surely you couldn’t lose.
For my only choice
Would be your wonderful voice.

Marie, AGE 18

About the Author Melanie Albanesi
Melanie Albanesi is an associate digital producer for ANTIQUES ROADSHOW.