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Sister Wendy's American Collection
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Sister Wendy's American Collection
This companion book to the new PBS series follows Sister Wendy Beckett, one of the world's best-known and best-loved art critics, as she visits six of America's most prestigious museums. It is the equivalent to taking a personal tour with Sister Wendy, studying and enjoying her favorite pieces of art, chosen from across the whole breadth of history. More than 250 full-color illustrations illuminate Sister Wendy's text.
Hardcover book, 279 pages WG1216 $40.00.
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Other Titles by Sister Wendy
Sister Wendy in Conversation with Bill Moyers (1997)
A free-ranging, in-depth conversation between America's best known commentator and Britain's best loved nun and "art appreciator." Topics range from art to spirituality, from sex to solitude, from television to contemplation. Erudite, witty, and enlightening, Bill Moyers in Conversation with Sister Wendy is a delightful and inspiring stroll through the world of art and ideas.

The three-hour conversation was recorded for television by WGBH on September 2, 1997, in the East Room of the Morgan Library in New York City. A one-hour PBS special was produced from the videotapes and was first broadcast on October 6, 1997. The book contains the complete transcript of the entire three-hour conversation.
Video and book set WG425 $29.95
1-hour video WG367 $19.95
Softcover book, 96 pages WG368 $11.95
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Sister Wendy's Story of Painting (1997)
Sister Wendy Beckett, the 67-year-old self-taught British "art nun," guides viewers through each great era of Western art: the cave paintings of Lascaux; the Italy of Leonardo and the Renaissance; Goya's revolutionary Spain; Monet's Giverny; Picasso's Paris; Andy Warhol's New York; and the London of Lucien Freud. The series celebrates the mind, the body, the imagination, and the spirit -- the whole profound, intimate experience of being alive that is expressed in great art.
The 5-video set and companion book WG363K $109.95 (15% off!)
Video set (5 hours on 5 cassettes)WG351 $99.95
Individual videos (1 hour) $19.95
Hardcover companion book WG352 $39.95
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Combo Offer
Sister Wendy's American Collection Videos and Book
Buy both the 6 video set and the companion book at 15% off!
6 hrs. on 6 cassettes and hardcover book WG1296 $99.95
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