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Sister Wendy's American Collection
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Sister Wendy's American Collection Boxed Set
Own the entire series outlining her journey to six of America's greatest museums.
WG1083 6 hrs. on 6 VHS cassettes $79.95
WG35479 6 hrs. on 3 DVDs $79.95
(includes chapter menus and links to the program Web site)
Call 1-800-949-8670 to order.

Or select individual programs:

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Sister Wendy shares the remarkable works of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, including Gauguin's lush Polynesian painting, the intricate Wedgwood inlays of the oldest-known six-octave piano, Paul Revere's silver Liberty Bowl, and other magnificent pieces.
WG1207 1 hr. $19.95
Call 1-800-949-8670 to order.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Accompany Sister Wendy as she walks through the collections at the Met, ranging from masterpieces of Islamic Art to Egyptian sculpture and the work of Vermeer. Whether explaining the intricacies of 18th century porcelain or marveling at the mysteries of Polynesian carving, Sister Wendy is engaging and opens up new aspects of art for the viewer.
WG1209 1 hr. $19.95
Call 1-800-949-8670 to order.

The Cleveland Museum of Art
Sister Wendy returns to the United States for an in-depth look at some of the finest art collections in the world, critiquing the art of many cultures and exploring various art forms such as sculpture, photography, the decorative arts, painting, and more. Join Sister Wendy for a personally guided tour of The Cleveland Museum of Art.
WG1212 1 hr. $19.95
Call 1-800-949-8670 to order.

The Art Institute of Chicago
Sister Wendy explores the incredible collection of French Impressionist painting and other masterpieces at The Art Institute of Chicago and reveals intriguing facts behind Grant Wood's American Gothic, discovers the brilliance of a gold ceremonial knife from Peru's lost Chimu empire, celebrates the vivid visions in Marc Chagall's stained glass epic America Windows, and discusses many other breathtaking works of art.
WG1211 1hr. $19.95
Call 1-800-949-8670 to order.

Kimbell Art Museum, Ft. Worth
Sister Wendy shares the carefully selected collection of treasures found at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas, including Man in a Blue Smock by her favorite painter Cézanne, the utter "perfection" of a lacquered 16th century Japanese wine flask, and the subtle nuances of Caravaggio's painting of The Cardsharps.
WG1208 1 hr. $19.95
Call 1-800-949-8670 to order.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Join Sister Wendy as she explores the diverse Los Angeles County Museum of Art and enjoys David Hockney's giant painting Mulholland Drive, a colorfully woven Chinese emperor's robe and Rembrandt's gift for the dramatic in one of his paintings, and explores the unique tales behind many other pieces of art.
WG1210 1 hr. $19.95
Call 1-800-949-8670 to order.

Combo Offer
Sister Wendy's American Collection Videos and Book
Buy both the 6 video set and the companion book at 15% off!
6 hrs. on 6 cassettes and hardcover book WG1296 $99.95
Call 1-800-949-8670 to order.

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