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Developmental Milestones For Your Child's First Five Years
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Children grow and develop at different rates. While their pathways through childhood differ, most pass a set of predictable milestones along the way. The information presented here offers a map that can help you follow your child's journey. Our map divides the developmental milestones into four areas:
In reality, these areas overlap, as development in one area is reinforced and enhanced by growth in others. The milestones suggested for each area offer examples of the developmental leaps that young children make. These are not complete lists.As you follow this map, keep in mind that each child develops differently and that an individual child may develop more quickly in one area than in another.

Social & Emotional
Thinking Skills
Communication Skills

Find more information on child development and milestones from these PBS Parents Web sites: Growing With Media (media and children), Inclusive Communities (children with special needs), and Talking and Reading Together (reading and communication skills.)

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